Vacuum pump oil in general where to buy? One thing in particular!

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Vacuum pump oil is a specially developed lubricating oil for vacuum pumps, which can be used for compound booster pumps, mechanical booster pumps, oil seal mechanical pumps and various kinds of diffusion vacuum pumps. It has rust resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation stability; Can quickly separate the water inclusion in the oil, so that the vacuum pump to achieve the required vacuum degree; Low vapor pressure prevents the vacuum pump oil from the pump chamber to the vacuum system back flow diffusion into the return oil, to ensure adequate limit vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump oil is a consumable. Under normal circumstances, depending on the working conditions of the production environment, the replacement cycle of vacuum pump oil is about 500-2000 hours. In other words, if the production environment is good, change once every three months; If the working condition is poor, it needs to be replaced every month to ensure the continuous and good operation of the vacuum pump.

In general, there are several channels for purchasing vacuum pump oil:

1. The major vacuum pump official website, such as good Kailit vacuum pump official website;

2. Official official number, small program and mall of vacuum pump manufacturers;

3. Online shopping platforms, such as Taobao and a wholesale website.

Why do we especially emphasize the purchase of vacuum pump oil directly from the official brand? Because the quality of vacuum pump oil has a decisive impact on the life of vacuum pump. In the selection, should also choose the corresponding special oil, such as rotary vane pump and roots pump have their special vacuum pump oil, so as to ensure that the equipment to meet the requirements of the technical indicators, effectively improve the performance of vacuum pump, prolong the service life.

Buy vacuum pump oil directly from vacuum pump manufacturers, the quality is stable and guaranteed, and you can enjoy professional technical consulting services when you do not know which one to choose.

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